Satzwende: Anke Bär (2/2) [English]

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Animals II

A quote by French anthropologist Natassja Martin, which I came across while researching my current book project on humans and animals, particularly resonates with me.

In her book In the Eye of the Wild, she writes:

"How did it come about that the other beings are only there to reflect our own states of mind? What then of their lives, of the trajectories they take through the world, of the choices they make?"

How do I reconcile this with my work as an author, illustrator, and graphic artist who loves to approach animals in thought and drawing in their almost infinite variety and incredible rich forms of existence? Am I allowed to fantasize? Exaggerate? Humanize them? What about power animals, fables and lustful animal tales? Must I therefore exclude Pooh the Bear, Cassiopeia, The Bremen Town Musicians and all the other small and large protagonists from children's books and picture books in the future because of human projections and ultimately the exploitation of animals? What would then be the consequences? Should I only create non-fiction books or perhaps only ink paintings of animals, in full surrender to my perception of the moment in my pursuit of truthfulness? Every human drawing, every human formulation is subjective. And so I end up with an even greater question: Is expressing myself in regard to fellow human beings and other living creatures at all acceptable? Am I allowed to look playfully into the world, as children do? Create my own systems? Try out my own thought templates or thought sculptures?

I believe I may. After all, I myself am half human half animal, at least according to my name. At the same time, I doubt that I’m allowed. The contradiction remains.

Translation: Brigid Guinan

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Anke Bär

ist Illustratorin, Autorin und Kulturwissenschaftlerin und gibt im Rahmen von Lehraufträgen, Workshops und Schulkooperationen Kurse für Erwachsene und Kinder. Sie empfindet es als großes Geschenk, dass sie in ihrem beruflichen Tun verschiedene künstlerische Ausdrucksformen und auch wissenschaftliche Arbeit und Lehrtätigkeit miteinander verbinden und immer wieder neue Herausforderungen aufgreifen kann. Zuletzt erschien ihr Kinderbuch Kirschendiebe oder als der Krieg vorbei war sowie Divertimento: Kirschendiebe, eine Lesung aus dem Buch in Zusammenarbeit mit den Bremer Philharmonikern auf CD.

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